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What Is A Trademark?

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Our Trade Mark Registration Service is suitable for any business wishing to apply for a trade mark in the UK.

A trade mark is a sign that distinguishes one business' goods or services from those of another. It can consist of words, logos, designs and shapes. View our 'What is a trade mark?' page for further information.

Trade marks are best protected by registration on an appropriate trade mark registry. The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) controls the UK trade mark registry.

A registered trade mark carries the following benefits:


It gives you the exclusive right to use the trade mark in the UK in connection with the goods and services in respect of which it is registered.


It protects the value of your 'brand' and can be an effective deterrent to would be infringers.


It is a valuable asset which can be commercially exploited, for example by licensing or assignment.


You have an indefinite right to renew the trade mark (renewal is required every ten years).


Making a claim for infringement of your trade mark can be straightforward in the event that someone uses an identical or similar trade mark in respect of identical or similar goods or services without your consent, and in certain circumstances even if the goods or services are not similar to those against which the mark is registered.

In order to be registered a trade mark must be distinctive and not confusingly similar to an existing trade mark registered in respect of the same or similar goods and services (trade marks registered against other classes of goods and services must also be considered).

Our Trade Mark Application Service:


Initial advice on your trade mark and relevant trade mark classes.


A search of the UK, Community and International trade mark registries and other relevant sources (for trade marks that have effect in the UK) to anticipate any problems with the application.


The option of a Right Start application.


Drafting and submission of an application to register a UK trade mark on your behalf.

Note: Our Standard Application service does not include fees for dealing with any formal objection to the application.

We can also assist you with Community or International Trade Mark and Patent applications on request. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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Search Service
Total Price: £99    ( £118.80 inc. VAT)
We can carry out initial searches on your behalf to help identify any potentially conflicting trade marks, whether registered or unregistered.

Standard Application (including our Search Service)
Total Price: £750    ( £900.00 inc. VAT)
and £100 plus VAT for each additional class.
This price includes all government fees.


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