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Professional Negligence Claims

Lawyers, accountants, engineers and other professionals are appointed to look after your best interests and their expertise and standard of service are often taken for granted. But unfortunately, mistakes can be made which can cause significant loss. In such circumstances we will be able to help you obtain redress by assisting you in making a claim for professional negligence.

Professionals assume responsibility for the type of work they do and have a duty of care not to cause harm as a result of this. They also often enter into contracts with clients which include contractual obligations such as an obligations to carry out services with reasonable care and skill. We will work with expert professionals in the relevant fields to seek to prove when this duty of care or any such contractual duties have been breached.

Professionals usually rely on professional indemnity insurance to meet such claims and, from our experience in dealing with insurers, we will be able to advise on their likely approach to your claim.

Insurers usually have a particular focus on alternative dispute resolution procedures (“ADR”) and offers of settlement that have court sanctions for failure to accept where you do not do better at trial (see link on RISKS below).

Once we have considered the evidence we will be able to:

  • prepare your case and advise on strategy for any mediation that is to take place;
  • advise on any offers put forward or that would be advisable for you to put forward; or, if settlement can't be reached,
  • prepare your case for trial, inform you of the likely costs and advise you on the associated risks (see link on RISKS below).

Professional Negligence Claims

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