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If you have entered into a contract for the sale or supply of goods or services and have a dispute over what should have been delivered or provided, our dispute resolution lawyers will be able to tell you about your contractual rights and obligations.

Parties entering into a contract do not always enter into a watertight written contract. We will consider any discussions you have had, promises made and documents exchanged to piece together the terms of the contract actually made.

Not all contractual clauses are legally enforceable. For example, there may be a mistake about the subject matter of the contract, a false statement of fact that induced a party to enter into a contract or limitations of liability that go too far that may make the contract void or unenforceable. In such cases, we will be able to tell you when the law will intervene.

If you are making a claim, we will explain what remedies are available to you including whether you can: terminate the contract, claim damages for your losses or force the other party to comply with their obligations. If you are are defending a claim, we will be able to let you know the grounds upon which you may be able to defend such action.

Once we have assessed your case, we will be able to design a strategy for you to obtain a resolution to your dispute. We will aim to achieve a quick resolution without the cost, disruption and risk of court proceedings. If this is not possible, we will explain the court process, the costs likely to be incurred, the risks involved and the tools available to you to put pressure on your opponent to settle the claim without the need for trial (see link on RISKS below).

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